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Ninth Grade English and Humanities

We are looking forward to working with your child at MCHS next year!  9th grade English and Humanities classes are a combined curriculum with two teachers working together throughout the year.  9th grade English teachers also work closely together to ensure a rigorous English curriculum for all students to prepare for the next level in high school.

 What can you expect from the English/Humanities teams?

·         A deeper understanding of how culture and history impact literature

·         A stronger appreciation of how literature reflects culture

·         Quarterly integrated projects

·         Two teachers dedicated to academic success and growth for all students

·         A richer, more meaningful, more relevant experience

 We typically have 1 honors team and 3-4 academic teams.  All students read core works of literature and complete common projects and assignments.

In addition, if you think your child might experience a tough transition and could use help with organization, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, as well as building teacher relationships, we have a support cluster available at the Academic 9 level.  Students in the academic support cluster have Academic English and then another period of Academic English Support with their same English teacher.  This allows for even more depth and growth for students who have struggled in school in the past and might need some assistance with the transition to high school, increased expectations in homework and skills, and balancing classes and grades.  If you think the Academic Support Cluster might be a positive experience for your student, please contact Mrs. Terrell ( as soon as possible with your student’s name, ID number, and current English teacher.

9th Grade Honors English is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of subsequent honors and Advanced Placement English courses offered at Maria Carrillo High School. While students in Honors English will read the same core literature as their peers in Academic English, they will be expected to confront these and additional texts in even more depth, at a faster pace, and applying critical analysis and synthesis skills beyond the academic level.  Students enrolled in 9th Grade Honors English should expect even more rigorous and demanding reading and writing assignments than the academic level.  Students interested in Honors English 9 may contact Ms. Bernier ( for more information.