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MCHS Choral Department

• Jazz Choir

• Chamber Singers

• Treble Choir

• Bass Choir

• Piano

VAPA Donations


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To make a donation to the MCHS Choral Department

contact Gail Bowers

or send a check (made out to MCHS) to

MCHS Choral Department

c/o Gail Bowers

6975 Montecito Blvd.

Santa Rosa, CA 95409


use the QR Code to the left "VAPA DONATIONS"


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Contact Gail Bowers

MCHS Choral Director

MCHS Choral Concerts 

Spring Choral Concerts

• April 27 & 28

Festivals & Competitions

SSU Choral Festival

• October 27 & 28

CMEA Choral Festival @ MSA

• May  12

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