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Graduate Profile

About Us

Maria Carrillo High School, home of the Pumas, has been serving the community of Santa Rosa since its opening in 1996.  From the first year on, it has been widely acknowledged and recognized as a rigorous, academic secondary school as well as a high-performing one. 

The collective focus of the school is to provide learning experiences in varied environments within a positive school climate for students and staff alike.  Teachers actively engage students in their learning, offering opportunities for solving complex problems, showcasing creativity and employing higher order thinking skills.  Through disciplined, substantive inquiry students are expected to demonstrate and exhibit generative knowledge they acquire; ongoing assessment of this learning is embedded throughout their study.

One hundred percent of MCHS core subject area teachers are highly qualified in their respective credentials by NCLB standards. Teachers in the core subject areas align curricula to respective standards and then implement them in the classroom through a wide variety of instructional strategies and resources to ensure all students at MCHS are successful.

Maria Carrillo High School

Vision Statement

The staff of Maria Carrillo High School, in partnership with students, parents, guardians, and community members, provides a challenging, caring, and safe educational environment that prepares students to mature into:

Graduate Profile

Powerful Producers

  • Work effectively as leaders and collaborators
  • Create quality products as a team
  • Design, establish, prioritize, and pursue realistic goals, both personal and academic
  • Manage time and resources effectively, including meeting deadlines and evaluating progress

Universal Citizens

  • Demonstrate accountability in achieving goals and completing tasks
  • Take responsibility for preserving and improving their environment
  • Acknowledge and respect cultural and personal differences
  • Demonstrate social responsibility for their role in a democratic society
  • Contribute time, energy, and talent to improve their community

Masterful Communicators

  • Listen, speak, read, and write thoughtfully and effectively
  • Consider and evaluate diverse opinions
  • Articulate ideas clearly
  • Justify reasoning and defend viable arguments
  • Advocate for themselves and others

Active Learners

  • Implement appropriate strategies to assess, self-assess, and solve a variety of problems
  • Make connections between disciplines and apply these connections in a global community
  • Engage in independent, critical thinking and reasoning
  • Use appropriately a variety of resources, including 21st century tools and technology