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Important Contacts

Main Office: 707-890-3820

General Information
Phone tree to administrative offices

Attendance: extension 54110

Attendance Information
Absence reporting
Conduct Issues: Loss of Privilege List, Tardy Detentions, Demerits, Suspensions, Expulsions

Homework Requests (for 3 days or more of absence)
Passes to leave and return to class

Business Office: extension 54142

ASB Purchases
Parking Permits
Sales/Purchasing Information
Student Bills
Student Store
Work Permits
Graduation Tickets

Cafeteria: extension 80709

Counseling: extension 54115

Counseling Information
Enrollment Information
Name/Address/Phone change
Schedule Changes
School Psychologist
Scholarship Information
Speech Therapist

Fax: 707-890-3823

Health Office: extension 54134

Health Information
School Nurse
Athletic Physical Information

Library Media Services: extension 54127

Registrar: extension 54111

Auto Insurance Forms
Birthdate Verifications
Community Service Hours/Award
Cross-Age Tutoring

Social Security Forms
Testing Scores